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RIP SSL 3.0. Long live TLS. We use IIS for the marketing site at work as soon as I saw this news break I started poking around its https settings and found nothing. Ended up Gogling the issue and of course it’s a registry edit that needs to be deployed to every server and added… Read more »

You kids get off my lawn with your Meteor JS

I have a few friends who swear by Meteor, but after reading over the website I’m still not sold on using it over Sails.js, CompoundJS, or any of the other node frameworks. I’m not trying to knock Meteor down, but I do want to explain to my friends why it won’t be using it for… Read more »

Failed development processes for the 3 person website team

Things that have been working well for us: Publishing code live weekly or every other week as it’s ready. Using JIRA to store bugs, plans, and good ideas. Problems we’ve faced: Starting any project that takes more than a day or two for a single developer, as priorities can change week to week. Any estimate… Read more »

picking a server-side language

I made my girlfriend a one-page website for Valentine’s day. It’s cheesy and I won’t link to it, but it’s basically a slideshow of our photos with dates and some commentary. It’s pure html/css/javascript right now. The next step is adding a way to authenticate users and adding an interface for them to upload images… Read more »

posting a form to two places at once

I’ve spent a lot of time at work lately struggling with how to send a form submission to two different places at once. I started just using the jQuery get method. Why not, right? That’s all I wanted to do, was make a one way request to a remote server. It worked fine as expected… Read more »

Comments Were Not Working

Comments weren’t working on this blog for some reason. Problem When trying to post you’d be redirected to the post’s URL followed by /comment-page/#comment-. But, it should look more like this /comment-page-1/#comment-74. I’d also get an email about a new comment, but all the normal fields would be blank, i.e. Author, Email, URL, WHOIS, and… Read more »

SEO Testing Update

Still ranked 6. Google has picked up my new blog title and my previous post. The current list looks like this: RP’s (robert pate’s) on the White Pages, an RP on linkedIn, an RP on Facebook, the RP wikipedia entry, the RP Cal State page (cstv), and then me. If you’re testing your own stuff… Read more »

Comparison of Free Software Licenses to Creative Commons

Back when I was dabbling in writing, I familiarized myself with the various Creative Commons Licenses. Now as a programmer I’m familiarizing myself with the various Free Software Licenses. Unfortunately, the official list is worthless to someone who doesn’t already understand the differences between the basic types. In googling the issue, I found a few… Read more »

SEO for This Blog and Domain

I’ve moved my blog around a lot over the years. I did this again recently because I realized I was getting 9th place in search results for my name. As a web admin I should be ranking higher simply because I know how to setup a site for good SEO. So I decided to fix… Read more »

Time Warner, Google TV, and the Internets

You probably didn’t see or don’t even remember the little tiff in august that Time Warner had with ESPN/ABC and Disney.

Or the one in december 2009 with FOX.

That’s nice that they kissed and made up, but it’s probably for the last time. The whole model should be, will be, shifting as the internet gets faster and the cable networks wise up.

Multilingual Dialogue on the Web

There are some neat things being done these days to facilitate multilingual dialogue, such as Ted Talks allowing open translation of their talks and Meedan enabling multi-lingual dialogue.

Use QR codes to link RL to DBs via the WWW

here’s a quick idea. First, QR codes are similar to barcodes but are square, hold more information, and are easily scanned with a digital camera lens like the one in your phone. No cumbersome laser scanner needed. Just download the QR Scanner application that’s commonplace on Japanese phones and catching on here in the states…. Read more »