Restaurants we like and touristy-kid stuff to do in Galveston

A long time coworker of mine is visiting Galveston for spring break with her family, and she asked about good restaurants and fun things to do with kids. I’m posting my answer here since it could be useful for my other friends in the future.

Our favorite restaurants are Mama Teresa’s for pizza, Cafe Michael Burger for burgers, and Shrimp and Stuff for fried seafood. Fair warning – none of these places have a beach view. If you want a beach view AND burgers try The Spot.

You have to go to LaKing’s Confectionery for ice cream, sweets, coffee, milkshakes and the antique taffy machine. Then for the local experience walk a few blocks over to mod coffeehouse for more coffee and then Hey Mikey’s for more ice cream. You’re on vacation, right? Double your fun!

Obvious stuff that’s fun for tourists and children: * The historic ship Elissa and the associated seaport museum. * All our other museums * Schlitterbahn Waterpark * Moody Gardens (you could spend a day or more here)

Oh don’t forget brunch or lunch at Sunflower Cafe and Mosquito Cafe. They’re a block away from each other so I suggest second breakfast at one, elevenses at PattyCakes Bakery (also a block away), and then lunch at the other. They both will have long lines at peak times.

If it’s nice weather then check out Galveston Island Brewery, assuming you like beer. It’s very kid friendly they have a play set and yard games.