html formatting

Internet-wise, crossposting first meant posting  the same message across many different usenet groups. For us and all the others in the online job searching industry, cross-posting means posting one job on another job board. This can happen time and time again so that by the time a candidate sees a job, he’s got to jump through a bunch of different boards (somtimes registering) to get back to the original that will actually let him apply.

We’re one of those original sites. Recruiters are pesonally logged into our network looking at our candidates’ profiles. But we’re also new to the scene, so in order to get our jobs out there we have to do a lot of crossposting. And it’s not free, of course. Crossposting is how a large subset of the  industry makes its money. There’s even a handy dandy site out there that will manage a lot of your crossposting for you as a one stop shop.

What’s neat about most sites (including the one stop shop) is they all take alot of basic html tags like lists, bold, line breaks, and paragraphs. We, however, don’t support html formatting within our system (yet anyway. there are some security issues, but I think eventually we can work around them.) So in order to crosspost our 60 or so jobs a week, we have to go in first and mark them up with html.

Now I fancy myself as an HTML/CSS hobbyist,  but I think one of the little tasks I do that drives me the craziest is formatting html en masse for all the jobs we’re crossposting.  I’ll do a bold tag here, an unordered list tag here, a bunch of lists tags to replace bullets there, and then I’ll do it another seventy-nine times.

Fortuntely, though, there’s a free tool perfect for this job called HTML Kit. While it has a bunch of features that are way beyond my skill level, it also includes the capability to bind a combination of keys to insert text, specifically tags. So I can simply highlight that list and hit F7 and it’s wraped with unordered list tags. Very handy.

Well, it’s 4:37pm on thanksgiving eve. I’m going to wrap up and get out of here, as soon as I figure out who’s going to check up on the india team while i’m gone.